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4.2.1 National Federations shall no later than 31st March of each year report to  Ms.Greta Ndoj, the IPF Secretary. The results of all Doping Controls carried out within their jurisdiction during the previous calendar year. Those reports must state the total number of In-Competition tests and Out-Of-Competition tests conducted within the nation for that year (further broken up into male and female numbers of tests) and the number of Anti-Doping Rule Violations occurring in the nation for that year, with the substance or method indicated for each case. The report must also state the identity of the laboratory or laboratories analysing samples for the nation for that year. Failure by a National Federation to provide this report by 31st March in the year following the year reported on shall result in a fine of EUR 500 on that National Federation; the National Federation is suspended until that fine is paid and the national report is provided.

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