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Whereabouts Requirements for Testing Pools

The IPF has adopted a ‘pyramid’ approach in developing their Test Distribution Plan (TDP) where Powerlifting athletes are separated into tiers:

  1. Registered Testing Pool or RTP Athletes: Athletes required to submit and update full Athlete Whereabouts information
  2. Testing Pool or TP Athletes: Athletes required to submit and update limited Athlete Whereabouts information
  3. Other Pool: Athletes that do not have a requirement to submit and update regular Athlete Whereabouts information.

Registered Testing Pool and Testing Pool Criteria

The IPF will use the following criteria to determine which athletes to include in the IPF Testing Pools, either the RTP or TP:

  • GL Point Rankings - Men
  • GL Point Rankings – Women
  • IPF Risk Assessment
  • Athlete Biological Passport

The IPF reviews the testing pools on a regular basis and may modify the RTP or TP based on athlete performance and/or test results (urine and/or blood).

*The IPF reserves the right to add any athlete that falls under their jurisdiction to the Testing Pools based on test results (urine and/or blood) and/or performance.

In order to determine if you are included in the IPF RTP or IPF TP, please follow the links below:

IPF Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

IPF Testing Pool (TP)

Whereabouts Submission Requirements

Athletes are responsible for ensuring that they provide, and update as applicable, all of the information required in a Whereabouts Filing accurately and in sufficient detail to enable the IPF to locate the athlete for testing on any given day in the quarter at the times and locations specified by the athlete for that day. For RTP athletes this includes but is not limited to the duration of the 60-minute time slot specified for that day.

If an athlete is included in the IPF’s RTP or TP, they are required to submit at a minimum the following information:


Registered Testing Pool

Testing Pool

Mailing Address

Email Address

Overnight Address

Competition/Event Schedule

Regular Activities (e.g. Training, Work, School)


Travelling Schedule


Daily 60-minute time slot between 05:00 and 23:00


Non-compliance Consequence

Whereabouts Failures

Inclusion in RTP

Whereabouts Submissions Deadlines

Athlete Whereabouts are to be submitted on a quarterly basis through WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS).

Deadlines for Quarterly submissions are:


Deadline for Quarterly Submission



December 15

January 1 to March 31


March 15

April 1 to June 30


June 15

July 1 to September 30


September 15

October 1 to December 31

Athlete Retirement 

Athletes should email ipfwhereabouts(at) should they require access to ADAMS.

IPF Registered Testing Pool (RTP) athletes that are no longer competing in sport and have decided to retire are required to complete a Retirement Notification Form to request their name to be removed from the IPF’s RTP. Once the athlete completes and signs the document, they are to submit the form electronically to the email address listed at the bottom of the form. Athletes remain subject to the IPF’s Anti-Doping Rules until the IPF confirms in writing that the Retirement Notification Form has been received and the athlete has been removed from the RTP.

Retired Athletes Returning to Competition

Athletes who have retired from sport and then decide that they want to return to the sport are required to provide the IPF with written notice of their intent to return and make themselves available for testing for a period of six-months before returning to Competition. WADA, in consultation with IPF and the Athlete's National Anti-Doping Organization, may grant an exemption to the six-months written notice rule where the strict application of that rule would be manifestly unfair to an Athlete.

Athletes who have retired from sport while subject to a period of Ineligibility are required to provide the IPF with written notice of their intent to return to competition and make themselves available for testing for a period six months (or notice equivalent to the period of Ineligibility remaining as of the date the Athlete retired, if that period was longer than six months).

For further information on Retired Athletes Returning to Competition please reference the Article 5.6 of the IPF Anti-Doping Rules.


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