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Chung Sheung Wai (Hong Kong) is disqualified from the Asian Pacific African Powerlifting & Benchpress Championships in Hong Kong due to the Disciplinary Issue

On Sunday 25” June, second day of Asian Pacific African Combined Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships in Hong Kong, a HKG Coach was in the coach box observing the competition of Chung Sheung Wai. The coach was wearing a cap on his head and was asked several times by the APF President Farshid Soltani to take off the cap. Instead of immediate action according to the request, the coach  expressed obscene language (censored). 

The witnesses were IPF TC, APF TC, APF Secretary General, APF Media Team, Iraqi team members, Irani team members and others standby lifters and coaches.This incident was disturbing to the onlookers, the lifters and the public audience and affected the live streaming as a display of disrespect for an APF giving a rightful instruction. The incident brought our event and our sport into disrepute.

It was confirmed that the coach is identified as Mr. Lee King Chung, Kenneth. He was expelled from Hong Kong Weightlifting and Powerlifting Association(HKWPA) for disciplinary issues. He is currently a USAPL HK lifter.

According to tile team manager, all Hong Kong team coaches must be members of HKWPA and must have coach registration. Mr. Lee is not a member and is not a team coach together with a coloured wrist band of the session. There are 2 tiers of security check. Mr. Lee did not have either of these and he just sneaked in.

 Chung Sheung Wai should know the rules of the team but deliberately brought this coach, which is against an agreement with HKWPA.

According to IPF rules:
10. Any lifter or coach, who by reason of his misconduct upon or near the competition is likely to discredit the sport, shall be officially warned. If the misconduct continues, the Jury, or Referees in the absence of the Jury, may disqualify the lifter or coach and order the lifter or coach to leave the venue. The team manager must be officially informed of both warning and disqualification.
11. The Jury and Referees may by a majority decision immediately disqualify a lifter or official if they are o/the o[pinion that any misconduct is serious enough to warrant immediate disqualification rather than an official warning. The team manager must be informed of the disqualification.

Executive Committee of Asian Powerlifting Federation has decided to disqualify Chung Sheung Wai and remove his results from the scoresheet and requested to return the medals.

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